Unlock Sustainability: How Sonnen Batteries Can Transform Your Home Energy

Maximising Solar Efficiency with Sonnen Batteries

With Sonnen Batteries, your solar panels work overtime. By storing excess energy when the sun’s out, you can use it when it’s not, slashing your reliance on the grid. This translates into lower energy bills, making solar power a smart financial choice as well as an eco-friendly one.


Harnessing Peak Energy Hours with Sonnen’s Innovation
Crafted by the German innovators at Sonnen, these batteries empower you to harness your solar power during peak energy hours, reducing your dependence on unpredictable external power sources. This autonomy is especially valuable during peak tariff times, offering you not just energy independence, but also peace of mind.


Sonnen Batteries: Pioneers in Environmental Sustainability
Choosing Sonnen Batteries, with their German engineering expertise, is a powerful step in the right direction for the environment. By utilising renewable energy more efficiently, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions, helping to combat climate change and protect our planet for future generations.


Sonnen’s Renewable Energy Vision Since 2010

Sonnen, founded in 2010, has been committed to transforming the way energy is used and stored. With their vision focused on a future powered by 100% renewable energy, they are actively working towards making energy consumption more sustainable and independent.

Sonnen’s cutting-edge technology offers an easy and efficient way to manage your home energy. Through intuitive apps, you can seamlessly monitor and optimise your energy storage and usage. It’s a modern solution for those who want to take an active role in their energy management, all while making a positive impact on the environment. The company is not only innovative in storage solutions, but also in creating energy-sharing communities to promote efficient and cooperative use of renewable resources.


Sonnen and Shell: Collaborating for a Cleaner Energy Future

In 2019, Sonnen teamed up with Shell Renewables and Energy Solutions. Shell is all about supporting Sonnen’s goal to make energy clean, reliable, and affordable for everyone. By working together, they’re planning to create a future with more clean energy. They’re doing this by using high-quality technology and working closely with partners, all to make a better world for us and the planet.

Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle with Sonnen Batteries
Sonnen Batteries represent more than just a technological breakthrough. They are a commitment to a greener, more self-reliant lifestyle. Integrating Sonnen technology into your home is a statement that you’re ready for a future where energy is not only sustainable and reliable but also smartly aligned with your daily life. As leaders in the energy storage market, Sonnen provides solutions that not only benefit the individual homeowner but also contribute positively to the global challenge of climate change.


Power cuts in the UK can be caused by a lot of different things, and rural areas with overhead grid lines through dense vegetation are more prone to outages. Whether it is caused by acts of nature; voltage dips and short power cuts, we know that experiencing blackout electricity can be difficult, especially for those working remotely during Covid-19.

What causes power cuts?

At the moment, we are putting a lot more pressure on the National Grid, due to electrification of heating and electric cars, therefore, with the change in electricity demand, it is creating an increase in power cuts.

To reduce National Grid strain, clean energy is key when it comes to combating energy power cuts in your area! It is more important than ever to ensure your energy is reliable and most importantly, sustainable.

If you already own solar panels and a sonnen eco 9.53 battery storage, you can compliment your system with a sonnenProtect 2500 and if you have the sonnen SB10 battery, you can have sonnenProtect 4000. Not only will it help keep your lights on in the event of a power cut, but it can anticipate any potential power cuts. Also, when a grid failure is detected, the sonnenProtect takes a moment to switch over to island mode and this is designed to keep your sonnenBatterie and solar panels running without any problems.

Power Capabilities:
While you’ll be able to run many appliances during electricity power cuts, it is important to know that the sonnenProtect has a 2.5kW limit. Therefore, during a blackout scenario, you’ll be able to run items such as:

  • Fridge or freezer
  • Lamps
  • Chargers for handheld devices
  • Laptop/computers
  • Fans and portable evaporative coolers

It is clear to see that renewable technology is developing all the time, so we must take advantage of it! When you reduce your reliance on the Grid, you’re more in control of your own power, your money and your families future. However, if you do not own a sustainable energy system yet, you can contact us!

We will make sure to break down the product information so that it is 100% straightforward and we can ensure you come away with a better understanding of the entire system and how it can benefit you.

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Two is better than one, and battery storage is always a great way to compliment any Solar PV system. Batteries are emerging as one of the key solutions to integrate efficient carbon-neutral systems for any home or business, because when there is excess power in the property, the battery will store it ready to be used at a later date. This can really reduce your grid dependency and your electricity bill.

Batteries are paving the way towards an ozone-friendly future
As the world starts transitioning away from fossil fuels, we acknowledge and appreciate the initial stages of its invention. The first real development of batteries date as far back as 250 BC, known as the Baghdad Battery. Fast forward to the 21st century, batteries primarily powered our phones and computers but with advance technology they are now powering our cars, homes and businesses too.

It’s a great leap forward and we have certainly come a long way with the ever-growing development in batteries. With the correct battery and solar combination, you can really make a difference to the environment and enjoy an abundance of free/low-cost solar electricity, especially in the summer going into winter when solar doesn’t particularly perform as well. Now with advance technology, batteries can control the time for when you buy your energy physically from the grid which is a great function to have as lots of energy companies offer cheap night-time tariffs. Note that buying low-cost energy when carbon intensity on the grid is low is a profitable gain, a great way to control your energy cost and to reduce your carbon footprint.

Most batteries are software controlled, meaning that as technology improves, the battery does not become outdated. This is really important as technology is moving quickly and in some parts of the UK, energy providers are already trialing different ways to use batteries. These trials include load balancing and optimising when you buy and sell energy from the grid.

Overall, these are worthy trials because wholesale energy prices fluctuate throughout the day typically increasing at peak times and reducing at night. In the future, we are likely to see a more renewable-fuelled world with supporting software that further utilises batteries.