Battery Storage

How does a battery energy storage system work?

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Solar PV
(PV – is the conversion of light into electricity) cells on the panels turn the light into direct current electricity (DC). You will then use the free electricity from your panels.
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The National Grid
When your free electricity is fed through into your home’s consumer unit. Any electricity you do not use will be exported to the National Grid.
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Battery Storage
When there is excess power in the property, the battery will store it ready to be used at a later date. Reducing your grid dependency and electricity bills.

What is Battery Storage?

Battery storage is a great way to maximise your savings for all new and existing solar PV installations. Not only will a battery help you to increase the amount of solar electricity you consume, a battery can also provide you with low-cost electricity in the winter months (when solar isn’t as efficient). The battery can be programmed to charge up from the National Grid at night when energy prices are low and ready for you to use the following morning. With the right solar battery combination, you can run your home on primarily free/low price electricity. We supply a wide range of batteries which enables us to cater for most projects.

With an in-depth understanding of battery storage systems, using our very own software, we can design the right battery for your home or business based on your circumstances.

Benefits of Battery Storage

Reduce Grid Dependency
Add Extra

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Our Battery Installs Look Like

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