Car Port

We have partnered up with Solarwatt and Centregreat Group:

To develop solar-power electric vehicle carports with built-in battery packs, in order to solve the problems facing businesses and councils when trying to install green powered electric vehicle charging points.

Clean air within our cities is now more than ever an important item on the agenda and our innovative car port is set out to charge against pollution in a big way.

This EV car port is leading the way for local industries by offering 100% green energy and powering towards a greener future.

The German manufacturer’s solar glass-glass photovoltaic panels will be integrated into the off-the-shelf structure, which will be capable of charging four vehicles in daylight hours.

Containerised high-capacity battery packs will sit in the central cabinet and will charge during low demand, increasing the load-balancing capacity of the system.

Our mission is to support science and reap the green benefits:
  • With our state-of-the-art battery technology, you will be able to harness free power from the sun, control when you buy power to reduce running costs and when you sell to increase profit.
  • Make for good business sense and become grid service ready. You will have complete control of when you buy and sell power to generate a profit.
  • When you invest, you own an asset and over time you will collate data which shows the car ports potential turnover and revenue.
  • Let staff and customers know that you’re environmentally responsible and improving your organisations green credentials. Businesses are becoming more accustomed to green energy and you can encourage employees, staff retention and customer loyalty by offering free/low price EV charging facilities.
  • The first block towards your own virtual power plant.

Future proofing EV demand:

We wanted to assist the growing interest and demand for EVs by designing an off-the-shelf EV charging solution with easy installation and a modular design to suit all applications, with help from Swansea University’s solar-focused SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre.

The modular design means that the systems can be delivered and installed with minimal civil engineering below ground, reducing cost, disruption and downtime.

The structures are designed primarily for business and public-sector clients such as local authorities, hospital and park-and-ride facilities, but are also adaptable to domestic spaces.

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