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Solar Panels
The less electricity your solar PV system generates in a day, the longer the payback period.
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Once the brains in the solar power system breaks, it needs to be replaced immediately.
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When you upgrade your inverter, you are more in control of your energy and money.

What We Recommend

It is not always essential to invest in a solar upgrade for your existing solar array system, but during the times you experience a suspected performance loss or your inverter is out of warranty and or broken, you may want to consider upgrading your inverter to SolarEdge. It’s the brains of the system, the most critical component and therefore to upgrade from a traditional to a smart inverter like SolarEdge, would certainly make sense.

How SolarEdge will benefit you?

SolarEdge use several pieces of equipment called power optimisers and they are attached to the bottom of each panel which then allows each panel to perform independently, unlocking the following benefits:

  • Increased panel generation
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • Enhanced safety
  • Increased warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Will changing my inverter effect my feed-in tariff payments?
Do you need to remove my panels to upgrade my solar system to SolarEdge?
Is there a cost to the SolarEdge monitoring?
How do I know if my system is underperforming?
Can I upgrade a commercial system to SolarEdge?
Will upgrading invalidate my current workmanship warranty?

The SolarEdge Inverter Product

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