TOP 4 Environmental Organisations to Follow

Going forward, every month, we will be posting our TOP 4 favourite things relating to the green industry and our first chosen topic this month being – ‘top environmental organisations to follow’.

We’ve listed the most effective environmental organisations out there, and all the amazing work they do in order to get our readers inspired! It’s important to us that we spread positivity at all times, especially now with the devastating and extreme weather events that are taking place across the world currently, and the recent IPCC report stating code red for humanity.

It’s no surprise of course, but the pressure is on to combat this climate crisis and this can be achieved when we work together. This blog aims to only create positive action and reactions by putting a spotlight on leading environmental organisations that are fighting for our futures, along with your help!

As a green company, naturally we follow lots of companies that are eco-friendly and this is to ensure we are always on top of the best eco trends and get the team thinking and venturing clean, green alternatives/movements. But we know by sharing with you all, we can hopefully make an even bigger impact.

To get straight into our favourite companies fighting climate change, here are our TOP 4:


1. ClientEarth

Based in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Madrid, Berlin and Beijing. This organisation use the power of the law to protect people and the planet. They recently posted that they have 25 active cases to defend wildlife and habitats. They work to protect and rehabilitate natural habitats and species by strengthening laws and making sure they are properly enforced.

On their website, they state that they have stopped illegal logging, and that three countries are now facing legal challenges for failing to protect whales, after they complained to top officials in Brussels. They’re also challenging the Portuguese government on the construction of a new airport that would threaten the protected habitat of migratory birdlife. They should be given lots of credit for their efforts! This is why they are one of our top choices to find the most inspiring stories and reports. Sign up for their newsletter!


2. 4ocean

This is an international, purpose-driven (and very popular) business who are on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. They often update how much plastic they have taken out from our ocean and so far, they have removed over 16 million pounds of trash out of the sea! Incredible work.

They often post about which beach they are working on, some of the images are rather graphic but knowing that they are doing everything they can to make our coasts healthy again – is such a huge relief! To donate to this brilliant business, you can buy their recycled ocean plastic bracelet, they recently started creating shoes from recycled materials they find on the beach and in our opinion we think their shop looks fantastic. Follow their amazing work on their most active social media account: Instagram – 4ocean and make sure to click the link in their bio for more on their shop, beach clean ups and marine analysis/reports.


3.  Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace are VERY proactive when it comes to influencing better change. They frequently post informative content, explaining in clear and full detail about our current climate and what companies aren’t or are doing and what we can do to create better change.

They often send their subscribers environmental updates, and seeking their followers views and tips on how to tackle global warming. We recently signed their latest climate petition, ‘Time for the UK to deliver real leadership’ with a letter to Boris Johnson, stating that more needs to be done about stopping new fossil fuel projects, to stop banks and investors funding climate-wrecking industries, protect forests, oceans and nature and to increase funds for climate action in countries on the frontline. So far, Greenpeace have received 133,822 signatures but they need help reaching 150,000.

With every signature, that takes no longer than 20 seconds, we are closer to being heard. All you need to do is put down your name and address (its optional to leave your email and phone number): Greenpeace petition. Typically, when you sign and leave your contact details you will receive a genuine thank you email, along with further updates of how your signature helped get their message across.

4. Friends of the Earth

Like Greenpeace they convey climate emergency in a very informative and clear way. They often post on social media, impactful moments in history and often push the fact that making ‘noise, disruption and annoyance’ to those higher up, has always helped us before. Which is true! By making a stand humans abolished slavery 120 years ago, women have the right to vote, and same sex marriage is now legal since 2014. Friends of the Earth highlight that in the past humans agreed that more needed to be done, and we can now do the same for climate change.

You can visit their website or you can follow their Linktree which displays multiple links to different content, updates and campaigns they are running currently.


Climate change education is an essential factor to this global warming emergency we all face. Knowledge is power and making a conscious effort to read up what climate change is doing to society can help prepare us. The more we support and listen to these environmental organisations, we can help communities, animals and habitats that are suffering and it will also help us to think more about our daily lifestyle choices that impact the world. Do your bit today by simply supporting and signing up to these organisations listed above, they are a great starting point for you to stay up to date and learn more about how you can play a big part in shaping a greener future!

We’re excited that this is our first TOP 4 blog post and we very much look forward to spreading awareness on various other subjects relating to the green industry!