How Nature Can Impact Your Mental Health

When we make time for nature, whether you’re visiting green spaces such as parks, woodland areas or forests as well as blue spaces like rivers, lakes and beaches, you are instantly generating a multitude of positive emotions. When it comes to mental health and nature facts, research states that when you experience negative feelings, you can definitely switch to a more positive mindset just by spending more time outdoors.

Most of us would have definitely felt negative emotions during the national pandemic and local lockdowns that took place in 2020 and at the start of 2021. It certainly changed the way we socialised – causing more people to experience anxiety and other mental health issues. As well, with many of us experiencing ‘cabin fever’ whilst working remotely, majority of us turned to nature as therapy, or to simply take a break and get some fresh air and a sense of freedom! It became clear that lockdown helped many people reconnect with nature, giving people a renewed appreciation and better understanding of how much we depend on our environment for better health.

With lockdown restrictions easing and more of us eager to venture further afield, it’s important that we don’t turn our backs on nature, and remember that we must keep making more time for our environment when it comes to mental health benefits. In this blog we establish the power of nature, the positive effects it can have on our mental wellbeing and how we can make sure to preserve our environment:


Nature is medicine:

The advantages of nature will reduce feelings of stress, anger and fear and increase pleasant feelings drastically, it is reported that exposure to green spaces can reduce blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, ultimately reducing mortality rates. Observing animals in their natural habitat can also make you physically and psychologically healthier. Research also indicates that if you have plants in your office, living room or bedroom – it can significantly reduce the impact of anxiety.


Nature and recovery:

When you focus your mind on what you see, you often forget the issues that you were once so focused on. That is exactly what nature can do for you, when you bring yourself back to the present and really take in nature, it can help us cope with pain. Research shows that patients in hospital recover quicker when they have clear views of nature from their window. This proves nature heals!


Increase attention to detail:

Following on from the recovery benefits, it is clear that when spending time in nature and being present, it can really increase our ability to pay attention to what is in front of us. It can ultimately put a pause to our overactive brains and make us feel more refreshed, rested and more productive.


Healthy environment, healthy life:

The more we care for our planet, we are essentially taking care of our health, our family and friends health and all of your futures! Clean air is vital not only to our health, but for all living things and if we continue to favour fossil fuels over renewable energy, the more we will destroy our environment to the point of no return.


It’s important to take advantage of nature’s benefits, but we should never take advantage of everything that nature can offer to us. If more of us commit to making greener and more sustainable lifestyle changes, we can combat climate change in a big way! There’re multiple things we can do to help preserve our planet, from reducing waste, recycling and swapping out harmful products to biodegradable options.

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