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Peter Gilbert | Llangarron

Peter Gilbert and his partner connected with SolarCentric to action their green ambitions to create a more energy efficient home. Since leaving their last house to build a sustainable home, their entire objective has been to keep their running cost down and lower the environmental impact. Their past experience with properties has definitely taught them the importance of saving energy for future financial security and how to do it an environmentally safe way.

Peter said: We always had our mind set on creating our own home one day and putting as much renewable materials into it, so this has been a fulfilling experience. My friend also inspired me with his own new build, but we were determined to put renewable technology into our property in order to keep our running cost down and have it benefit the environment.

With the help of SolarCentric, we now have 29 solar panels, (as our house is very large) and we have a SolarEdge inverter, all the power optimisers and a Sonnen battery.

“SolarCentric’s service was very professional, everything was structured and executed appropriately and the support we’ve had so far has been great

With their green system, they have only bought 7% from the grid, this is an impressive amount and evident that they are achieving their goals and capitalising their renewable energy system.

He said: What’s great about these green products is that so far, we have not taken hardly any power from the grid. It looks like we will be self-sufficient in the summer and we will probably export half of what we generate. It’s always difficult to know and estimate properly in the winter, but nonetheless our battery is running our heat pump and we know it is generating enough water for the both of us.

“What really pushed us to create a green home was our previous house, it was run down, leaking and we ended up spending £3,000 and were never warm! But because of SolarCentric, our smart home won’t have that problem”

Recently our house was air tested and the installation beat two passing houses in our street, so in that respect we are really looking forward to the wintertime to see how well our system performs.

Overall, we were very happy with SolarCentric’s easy and approachable service and faultless installation process. We would definitely give them a 10!

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