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Michael Hominick | Wokingham Berkshire

It's about being able to do our bit for the environment
Keen to try and get their house to allow a low carbon footprint, Michael Hominick and his family worked with us to install Solar PV and a sonnen battery into their beautiful home in Wokingham Berkshire.

As well as wanting to generate their own power to save money instead of purchasing from the grid, their reasons for investing in renewable energy was primarily a green one.

Michael said: My reasons for making an environmental stand is simply due to the dangerous rate of climate change, the whole world needs to be doing more and I feel the country does need to move quicker towards electrification. I wanted to go ahead with this project because it’s about being able to do our bit for the environment.

When I got the phone call from SolarCentric, I had a really good experience and then on the Zoom call, there was a 3D render of the house where we were able to discuss efficiency of the panels and work through what my options and preferences were, so I was very pleased with the consultation.

“Everything happened the way you guys said it would, even in lockdown without the face to face visit, it all worked really well”

Michael explained what his favourite feature was from his new system and said he really likes monitoring how much the battery is charging during different times of the day. Michael can see how much power is being used overnight when the sun is not shining and optimise how much he can draw from the battery.

When asked about his children’s understanding of their new eco-friendly system and what it means to educate our next generation, Michael proudly said:

They are really excited about it as well as myself! They are only little, so I explain in simple terms of course, but they understand how different energy is used and I have shown them how the panels work and they are really excited about it which is sweet. We walk rather than drive to school as well, so we really do try and get these habits established early with our children and it’s nice to think they will grow up in a house that is solar powered.

Overall, I have to say the service was excellent and the after care, I am already in discussions about upgrading my battery with SolarCentric for various reasons and I know the team are there to see that through, so that’s really good.

Excellent end to end service!

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