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David and Tussie, Cheltenham

Our choices were not based on how long it would take to see a profit, but simply because
it was the right thing to do
David and Tussie Myerson have always had a leaning towards environmental issues, they are open to the fact that they are by no means at the extreme of the movement, but nonetheless, they wanted to make sure that any comforts would be managed by a renewable and sustainable resource. Honoured to have been part of their energy-efficient journey, this is what the forward-thinking couple had to say about their experience with SolarCentric:

“With the way that energy prices are likely to go, we feel that we have gone a long way to protect our future finances as well as protecting the environment”

SolarCentric were incredibly helpful in advising and liaising with all the partners across the system. The solar roof and battery wall were accompanied by charge points for electric vehicles, ASHP for underfloor heating, an MVHR system to maximise the efficiency of the system and a rainwater harvesting roof, so there is no gas coming into our house. More than this, the partnering team with battery supplier Sonnen, ensured that we had an integrated system installed.

“We have to praise the whole team at SolarCentric for the responsiveness and professionalism involved”

To be part of the SolarCentric scheme was very exciting, as we were aware that we were pushing the boundaries by installing a new 3-phase system, but we love the way in which the system can benefit and maximise the use of technology and the environment, which also gives us real-time access to information via various apps. Not to mention the real benefits of cost savings and maximising the way in which the energy is used in the house or put in/taken out of the grid at the right time. Just a huge thank you to SolarCentric who were instrumental to the whole project, we know we would not have been able to achieve the end result without them driving the various parts and staying on top of it.

“The quality of the workmanship was superb, we can’t fault it – the installation was painless and it all just, happened”

SolarCentric made themselves available at all times and have been key to the whole project. We were fortunate to be building a house from scratch, so we were able to integrate the panels in a way where they are not even seen from the road. That said, the array can be seen from higher buildings around and they look great. We are now somewhat obsessed with the data we are getting off the apps and look forward to sunny and gloomy days alike. It’s satisfying to know that our solar roof and battery wall are quietly taking care of our CO2 footprint and creating the energy we need to live our life.

We really have to give SolarCentric ten out of ten from beginning to end and would happily recommend them to anyone looking to install a system like ours.

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