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Power to the Pupils – Solar PV for Schools

Power to the Pupils – Solar PV for Schools

Date: 17 August 2021 | By: The Team

The calls for more action to be taken to combat climate change are eventually being listened to but many would argue, more action still needs to be done. The younger generations will be the ones who face the consequences, including current school pupils and their future families if we don’t act right now!

Schools have a huge part to play in making sure the planet’s natural resources are as well preserved as possible from this point, starting with educating pupils but also by making eco-friendly business decisions.

As well as reducing energy consumption, schools should be setting an example to pupils by making changes that ensure they are prioritising green processes and solutions. A great way to do this is to install solar PV panels.

How solar PV panels can benefit your school:


1. Save money


Implementing new processes and equipment that is more eco-friendly can be expensive but when you are running a school, you have a budget to adhere to. With solar panel installation, you will get a return on your investment, usually within 12-15 years or sooner. By driving down future energy costs, your solar panels will pay for themselves in time.


As well as saving money on your energy bills, solar panels can also earn your money for the electricity that your solar panels pump back into the National Grid. This will then offset your energy bills. If you are in the Southwest of England, you could also be entitled to a grant under the government solar panel schemes for 2021.


2. Reduce carbon emissions


With the government introducing new policies to achieve carbon zero status by 2050, there is now even more focus on driving down energy consumption. By generating solar energy and utilising the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), your school can significantly reduce carbon emissions, while making large energy savings throughout the life of the solar panels.


Installing solar panels is one of the easiest actions to take to reduce carbon emissions on a grand scale. This solution can help schools take a giant step towards the objective of carbon net-zero.


3. Easy installation


A lot of people are hesitant about having solar PV panels installed because they think it is a big job that will cause disruption. Installing solar panels is very easy when the installation is done by professional, MCS accredited installers like ourselves. All you require is a good amount of roof space and the panels can be quickly installed with next to no disruption. There is also no requirement for planning permission, which is another detail that makes installation more straightforward.


School buildings are perfect for installing solar PV panels because they tend to have a large, flat roof area to use, with plenty of options to face the panels in the direction where they will absorb the most sunlight.


Lots of UK schools have now installed solar panels to benefit from the reduced energy costs and reduced carbon emissions. Our design team creates virtual designs customised to individual school buildings and we also present a predicted performance and accurate quotation of work.


4. Leading by example


As well as being a large visual representation showing your commitment to being green that pupils will see each day, you can also inspire parents and people driving past the school to be more environmentally friendly.


You could even share information about how much energy your solar panels are generating by including it in your school newsletter or creating a wall display dedicated to the actions the school is taking to reduce carbon emissions near your entrance/reception area perhaps?


Another idea for encouraging pupils to become more aware of protecting their environment is to run competitions for pupils to submit ideas that can help save energy or help the environment in other ways.


If you have a reward system in school, as well as rewarding academic performance and good behaviour, you could incorporate a green reward system, for taking part in litter picking and other activities that demonstrate green commitment.


Many UK schools are already benefitting from solar panels installed by SolarCentric and we would be happy to design a customised solar PV system to suit the layout of your school building.


Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote and we can explain how much energy and money your school can save.